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ERISASFVtm Secure File Vault

Are you mindful that...

Certain states (e.g., CA) prohibit the transmission of e-mails and attachments that contain Social Security Numbers?

Large files and files with graphics or other memory hungry content are oftentimes too big to send as attachments to an e-mail?

Your e-mail and attachments are not typically sent/received in a secure environment?

ERISASFV is the first and only secure file vault designed to address the specific needs and desires of ERISA professionals and retirement plan service providers.

ERISASFV facilitates collection and dissemination of confidential privacy protected information, and large files via the web using 128 bit encryption to insure a secure environment.  The advisor, service provider and/or the client establishes user permission rights for access to secure files within one, all or any number of specified categories.

ERISASFV employs a user friendly file upload tool that automatically notifies the intended recipient by e-mail when a new file is available for viewing in the vault's secure environment.

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